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By registering in the store DEKOR HOUSE customer can take advantage of the following benefits:

- Saving the basket,

- Order history,

- Tracking of the shipment (Polish Post, Courier, Paczkomaty),

- Receive information about promotions, news, etc., by subscribing to our newsletter,

The most important benefit is the ability to "SAVING CART".

Every registered customer has the option after you select the products ordered, thrown them to the cart, and preserve it for later. All products are retained in the basket held for 7 days. The customer can at any time go back to the cart by logging in to your kotna and use the button:


In the shopping cart you will see all items previously thrown. On the "red" will be highlighted:

- Products that are not already available in the store with the state "0" - have been sold in the meantime,

- Products whose quantity is less than ordered before, the state is less than the amount thrown into the shopping cart,

When you have selected all the products you can buy at any time by submitting your order and also contiune shopping.

IMPORTANT - each customer will receive a notification e-mail for 24 hours before the deletion. Cart is deleted after 7 days of its saving.
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