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Company DEKOR HOUSE Anna Madej was entered into the Register under number 137624 by the Mayor of Gdansk and runs uninterrupted activity since April 2008.

DEKOR HOUSE trademark has been registered in the Patent Office and obtained protection2, a decision under paragraph no DT/Wp.19266/4/EDo, na podstawie ust. Prawo własności przemysłowej, art. 224 ust. 1 (Dz.U. Nr. 41 z 2008r. poz. 241).

The use of the name or logo DEKOR HOUSE company without the written consent of the company, will be treated as unauthorized use, and as such will be subject to sanctioning specified in the relevant legislation.

The preparations marked with the name DEKO LINE are owned by and have been submitted to the Patent Office as a trademark on 9 th of February 2012 and is also subject to protection from the moment of application.

Please be advised that all the photos posted on the web site are the property of , or is posted with the permission of their owners and are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use, copying and posting images on web pages are protected on the basis of the relevant provisions.

The following documents confirming registration of the mark in the Polish Patent Office.

  ""         ""          ""

Confirmation of the protection in commodity-sign graphic DEKOR HOUSE - DECYZJA Z-396313

                                       ""  ""

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