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1. Create account
Placing an order in the store is available after you sign up, or selecting the "Order without registration" (paragraph 2). By registering in the store the customer must provide all data in the form marked "*". Data is stored and secured in the base store. By registering the Customer receives confirmation of your e-mail, which was given to register in the store.
By registering the customer can return to the store after the next login. By registering you gain access to:

  • order history,
  • make changes to your account (e-mail address, password, data for shipment, invoice data, etc)
  • track order (shipping by mail or courier) during the contract,
  • receive information about new products, promotions, etc.
  • newsletter
2. Ordering without registering.
Order without registration is a one-time make purchases. The customer has no access to the options of points. First The order form gives only the necessary data for shipment and confirmation of order (invoice / receipt)

3. The problems with the registration.
After registration (an account) you will be informed of this fact in a confirmation email that is sent to the address (e-mail) you provided.

 4.Forgotten password to login.
If you forget or lose your password, simply enter when registering your e-mail and "click" - password reminder. New password (temporary) will be sent to your e-mail.

5. The ordering process.
In the process of ordering customer add products to cart. Varying the amount can be made using the arrows on either side of the window with the amount of products ordered. The cart can also change the number of products in each case by updating the (bird) or delete (cross). Both buttons display a hint. The sum of all products (amount) is displayed on the Home Page in the basket (top right). NOTE: The shopping cart after leaving the Shop (sign out) is deleted,unless it is saved when you click "SAVE BASKET"

6. Quantities of Storage.
During the ordering system accepts an order for a quantity of what is currently available in stock. If you type too much of a product system will give the maximum available quantity. If you change the quantity in the cart, if the amount is exceeded, a message appears informing you of this fact.
Products that are not currently in stock do not have the money, it displays the message "temporarily unavailable"

7. Basket of products.
In the shopping cart customer has the option to add / change / delete products. NOTE: The shopping cart after leaving the Shop (sign out) is deleted. The basket also makes the subsequent stages of the contract (choice of how we will deliver your payment method, evidence of purchase). The basket contains all the costs of the contract.

8. Shipping Method.
Customer selects a shipping (delivery) of the available options. Since the shipping method depends on its cost and delivery time.
Shipping outside the Polish borders is possible only through the Polish Post Office after determining the cost of shipping only after its preparation. Sample shipping costs are given in tab - Shipping.

9. Payment for orders.
The customer has several options of payment:intake (by post)
  • money bank transfer,
  • buy at our store at. Góralska 13 in Gdansk
  • transaction system on-line PayU (integrated with most banks and credit card)
  • PayPal transaction system - the ability to send money from anywhere in the world and in any currency).
Selection of payment method affects the cost of shipping. For images credited the additional amount (different for the Polish Post, another for courier companies). All costs are directly in the basket

10. Order Confirmation.
Each time the customer receives an order confirmation e-mail ALWAYS. For each of the next stage, ie, preparation, shipping, completion of data for shipping or cancel your order, you will be informed by email.

11. Order Confirmation - PayU systems and Pay Pal.
When using these payment schemes The client must have sufficient funds in your account. Also in the case of such contracts ALWAYS customer receives a confirmation email. NOTE: Please check necessarily receive e-mail, because it happens that the measures do not pass on the shop's account, the customer does not receive a confirmation email.

12. Shipping Orders.
The order is sent immediately, ie 2-3 days after order confirmation email. In the case of contracts with the option of transfer payments, not later than the day following receipt of the transfer. It is possible to dispatch orders on receipt of confirmation of payment in electronic form.
Shipments with "personal collection" are to receive the latest on the next after hours. 13th, but always after the order confirmation e-mail.

13. Order Tracking.
After sending an order the customer always receives mail tracking number. The way the package can be checked either directly from the home page of our store - "banners - to keep the package," both Polish Post and courier or through the link available in the history of the contract. Tracking number also appears in the history of the contract.

14. Reviews.
Each time after sending an order please feel free to write your opinion on consignment, offers and services. Opinions are voluntary and are published in the portal Sklepy24. It may happen that the mail will receive a shipment earlier than ..... Please forgive us, but usually it happens when the Polish Post is slow to implement the service ....

15. Cancellation of orders.
In accordance with the Conditions of Use, if not to make payment within 7 days of receipt of order (and acceptance by the store), or not received, your order is canceled. The e-mail to inform you of this fact. Of course, if for some reason that you would like to extend the deadline - please email and / or telephone. We are always happy to put off such contracts.

16, Complaints and Returns.
Under the current rules for services provided at a distance by electronic means "you have the opportunity to return the ordered goods or to advertise. Procedure is described in a tab - Returns and Complaints.

17. Help in the contract.
If you have any technical trouble placing an order, please contact the Administrator - Robert +48/512-594-874 (either contact in english).

18. Help in choosing the products and their availability.
If we want to ask about the availability of products in the store, please contact us at the number of Store +48/797-597-408. This number will get you the information about available dates Training.
If you would like the advice on the products ordered, Head always provide such information at +48/509-853-837.

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